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Old Guys Rule was established in 2003 as a tribute to the legendary American surfer Doug Craig. The brand developed on a regular day while Doug and his professional surfer son Don were out enjoying a surfing session on the magnificent Californian coastline. While watching his father catch a perfect peeling right hand wave Don turned to his surfer buddy and mused 'Gee - old guys rule'.


After this epiphany Don made a bumper stickers for his Dad affectionately using the phase 'Old Guys Rule'. The saying 'Old Guys Rule' soon caught on striking a nerve with the 40-65 year old baby boom surfers. Don decided to print his phase on a few tees and sold them through several California Surf Stores. They sold out immediately!

As the success was so obvious and Don and close friends soon realized that not every Old Guy surf...

Therefore Old Guys Rule -  their own minds and doings.

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